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The Seven Pillars of Reformation

Fall Week of Prayer 2017, as part of the 500th year celebration of Protestant reformation, the Seven Pillars of Revelation reminded us how of the core principles of a revolution that started 500 years ago still apply to our lives




Title Speaker Date
Luther's Offspring Joseph Salajan November 11, 2017
Sola Fide Kevin McKoy November 12, 2017
Sola Gracia Mike Bijacu November 13, 2017
Solus Scriptura Fidel Soto November 14, 2017
Solus Christus Varilus Pierre November 15, 2017
Soli Deo Gloria Paul Anderson November 16, 2017
Universal Priesthood Nelson Fernandez November 17, 2017
TrailBlazers - The Journey Home Andrew Nugent November 18, 2017


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