Year Series Speaker(s)
2021 Embracing Jennifer Hernandez
2021 Kingdom Life Kevin McKoy
2021 The Bible Unmasked Various
2021 Come, Jesus, Come Joseph Salajan
2020 Good vs Bad Joseph Salajan
2020 Jesus at the Center Various
2020 My Testimony Dawn Williams
Collin Williams
2020 Jesus Only Joseph Salajan
2020 USB Andrew-Craig Nugent
2019 Jesus at the Center Various
2019 The Tabernacle Dion Walden
2019 Open House Andrew-Craig Nugent
2019 Women of Destiny Jennifer Hernandez
2019 Father Wounds Christopher Thompson
2019 Deeper Dive Various
2019 Just Fair Various
2019 Who Do You Serve Scott Mayer
2018 Jesus at the Center  
2018 Christ In The Crises  Ron Smith
2018 Step Up to Wellness  
2018 Forgiveness Joseph Salajan
2018 Kingdom Men Garry Gordon
2018 Apocalypse Joseph Salajan
2018 Deeper Season 3! Tough questions from Matthew Andrew Nugent
Joseph Salajan
2018 Deeper Season 2!  Diving into the Book of Joshua Andrew Nugent
Joseph Salajan
2017 Deeper Season 1! Diving into the Book of Matthew Joseph Salajan
Andrew Nugent
Paul Anderson
2017 The Seven Pillars of Reformation Joseph Salajan        
Kevin McKoy    
Mike Bijacu    
Fidel Soto    
Varilus Pierre    
Paul Anderson    
Nelson Fernandez    
Andrew Nugent    
2017 Church Joseph Salajan
2017 Prayer Joseph Salajan
2017 outSTANDing Andrew Nugent
2017 The Great Unveiling Joseph Salajan
Dion Walden
Anthonio Anderson
Paul Anderson
Don Curtis
Linden deCarmo
2017 In Pursuit of Discipleship Laton Smith
2017 The Making of a Godly Man Gervon Marsh
2017 Like Jesus Laton Smith
2016 The Church is a Team Game. From the Bench to the Field Laton Smith
2016 The Power Of The Gospel  Laton Smith
2016 The Christmas Carol Laton Smith
2016 Let Us Make Man.... Shian O'Connor
2015 Shake But No Quake Laton Smith
2014 God's Miraculous Power Alex Schlussler
2014 Digging Deeper Alex Schlussler
2014 Anchors of Truth Alex Schlussler
Jeff Zaremsky
Alexander "Sasha" Bolotnikov
Ralph Ringer
2014 Net 2014: Following Jesus David Smith
2012 Exploration of Prayer Alex Schlussler
2012 Atonement Alex Schlussler
2012 Jesus 101 Elizabeth Talbot
2011 Do Everything with Excellence Alex Schlussler
2010 The Cross Michael Cabana
2010 The Temple's Cross Pollination* Michael Cabana
2009 Contrast Principles of M & Ms Michael Cabana
2009 Our Pillars of Faith Michael Cabana
2009 The Bankruptcy of True Value Michael Cabana
2008 Worshipping Through the Crack and Crevices Michael Cabana
2008 Seeing Life Through Grace Colored Glasses Michael Cabana
2008 He Prays We Pray Michael Cabana
2007 Oil Crisis Michael Cabana
2007 Dairy King Michael Cabana
2005 Seeing Life Through Grace Colored Glasses Michael Cabana
2005 The Jonah in All of Us Michael Cabana
2005 The Bread Rest Connection Michael Cabana
2005 You Can Win for Losing Michael Cabana
2004 Back to the Future Michael Cabana
2004 Fortune 300 Michael Cabana
2004 Complete Foundation Michael Cabana
2004 Open Heart, Open Arms Michael Cabana
2004 Angels of Mercy Michael Cabana
2004 God's Diamond Forever  Michael Cabana

*Only one sermon in the series is available online