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Kingdom Life

Pastor Kevin McKoy's current sermon series is a series on the Second Coming


Episode Title Theme Date
1 Your Kingdom Come Praying for God's Kingdom to Come. January 23, 2021
2 What’s Love Got To Do With It?  God's People Help Those in Need February 13, 2021
3 Locating the Kingdom  The Kingdom of God is a dynamic reality being present yet coming. April 17, 2021
4 The Pursuit of Perfection The pursuit of perfection is living in ways that agree with our identity as children of God. May 22, 2021
5 From the Smallest to the Greatest The beginning of God's Kingdom is no indication of its fulfillment. July 17, 2021
6 The Power of the Weak Those who are weak can find power to be faithful while awaiting the coming of God’s Kingdom in its fullness.  August 7,2021
7 The Profligate Sower of Precious Seeds We should share the Gospel of Kingdom with everyone regardless of a person’s potential to accept it. September 11, 2021
8 Born of Compassion Christ, whose ministry was born of compassion, calls us who are disciples of the Kingdom to serve out of compassion.  October 23, 2021
9 No Space in the Barn When God blesses us, we should express our gratitude to God in our generosity to our neighbors. November 27, 2021