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Plantation has a strong focus on living a healthy lifestyle and has hosted many seminars to improve the quality of life of its members and visitors




Seminar Presenter Topic Date
Be SMART Vespers BeSMART   August 6, 2016
Health Healing and Nutrition Seminar with BeSMART BeSMART   March 22, 2014
BeSMART. Its Time to Start BeSMART   February 8, 2014
Panel Discussion: What's on Your Plate Arnoux Blanchard
Hakin Hill
Collin Williams
• Dr. O'Connor
Monique Lovelace
  July 7, 2013
Did God Make a Mistake?      
Midianite Women Paul Volk   November 4, 2007


Sermon Speaker Date
Fast Food Grace Daley August 6, 2016
Jesus Team Grace Daley February 8, 2014
What's on Your Plate Stoy Proctor July 17, 2013
Renewing the Spirit of Your Mind Chef Julio Barillas February 2, 2008
Life in a Balance Scale   July 31, 2004
What Time is It? Paul Volk January 12, 2008
God's Testimony Paul Volk November 3, 207
Transforming Your Emotional and Spiritual Health Mayra Matos September 6, 2008