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Deeper Season 3: Diving into Matthew

In Deeper Season 3, Pastor Joseph Salajan and Pastor Andrew Nugent continued our exploration of difficult topics in the book of Matthew during Prayer Meeting.  During the twelve sessions in this series, they answered your questions posted on Facebook, Twitter or live on site.



Season 3 (2018)

Episode Title Topic Key Text Speakers
1 How Should I Keep the Sabbath? Is the Sabbath a blessing or a burden Matthew 12:1-14
2 What Is Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit? How can you blaspheme the Holy Spirit Matthew 12:22-32
3 Does It Matter What I Eat? What did Jesus mean by clean? Matthew 15:1-20
4 Is Christ's Church built on the Pope? Jesus is the Rock Matthew 16:13-21
5 Did Jesus’ Contemporaries See Him Come in His Glory? Was Jesus Wrong About the Date of the Second Coming? Matthew 16:28, Matthew 17:1-13
6 Who can forgive sin? Forgiveness is a divine gift Matthew 18:15-20
7 I Got Divorced. Can I Remarry? The sacredness of marriage Matthew 19:3-10
8 Should I Get Married, or Should I Become a Eunuch? Must a Christian be Celebate to enter heaven? Matthew 19:9-12
9 Will There Be Marriage in Heaven? Eternity will be better than anything we can imagine Matthew 22:23-33
10 How Close Is the End? Watch and be ready Matthew 24
11 How Secret Is the “Secret” Rapture? Jesus’ coming will be no surprise, and definitely no secret Matthew 24:36-44
12 Will the Evil Burn Forever? Eternal punishment is not everlasting punishing. Matthew 25:31-47


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