Pastor Joseph Salajan is currently preaching a series on the book of Revelation entitled "Apocalypse"





Episode Title Theme Date
1 Don't Just Read It; Listen to It! The impact of God's word January 6, 2018
2 Stop Being Afraid of Surgery! Jesus is Priest and Judge January 27, 2018
3 He Said He’s Coming, So He’s Coming! Jesus is coming soon! He is at the door February 10, 2018
4 If You're Not Fresh, You Need a Refresh! How to move out of self-sufficiency March 10, 2018
5 No Thorns, No Throne; No Cross, No Crown Victory is Jesus! March 17, 2018
6 That’s Not a Victim; That’s a Victor! How Jesus became a Victor March 31, 2018
7 We Are FOR You, Not AGAINST You! A multi-ethenic, multi-cultural gospel April 7, 2018
8 Are We There Yet? Almost There! God will lead His people to victory  April 28, 2018
9 The Warranty of Royalty is HIS Loyalty! There will be a great multitude that will be able to stand victoriously in front of the Lamb! May 5, 2018