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Youth Ministry

The youth are the lifeblood of Plantation SDA Church.  Over the years, they've produced some amazing programs that witnessed not just to our local church but to the whole state of Florida.




Event Date
Family Feud July 30, 2016
End Of Time  June 20, 2015
Youth Explosion July 19, 2014
Trapped Inside (Amy Nogueira) July 19, 2014



Title Preacher Date
Reaching IN, Reaching OUT Joshua Callwood December 12, 2015
Commitment: The Missing Block Arik Amodeo October 25, 2014
Something About That Name Ashaala Jenkins April 17, 2010
Life Testimonies David Cantillio
Emmanuel Sylvain
August 16, 2008
God's Plan for the Family Nick Palmer January 26, 2008
Expectations Prince Lewis June 18, 2005
Stay in the Ark of Safety Reuben Joseph November 13, 2004 
Pleasure......but at What Cost? Reuben Joseph August 21, 2004
Title Unavailable Prince Lewis February 28, 2004



Title Date
Commitment: The Missing Block October 25, 2014
Praise & Worship April 26, 2008