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My Testimony Season 5 Episode 64: Kaivon Miller

by Collin Williams, Dawn Williams, Kaivon Miller | February 4, 2022

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Kaivon Miller is Collin and Dawn's guest on Episode 64 of My Testimony. In this episode, Kaivon shares how has experienced the ‘Goodness of God’ in his young life.

My Testimony gives an insight of God’s love and how He changes lives. Each episode embraces biblical truth and encourages us to serve Him. You will hear about God’s love, mercy, power answered prayers and God’s help in times of great need. Our guests share how it is possible to increase your faith in God and stay connected to Him.

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  • Collin Williams

  • Dawn Williams

    I am inspired to teach and create events geared towards showing the children Jesus. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and parents who not only encourage but creatively minister to the children.

  • Kaivon Miller

    Kaivon has one younger brother name akarias who is 5 years old. Kaivon is a baptized member of Mount Olivet S.D.A Church. He is 12 years old and attends new hope sda school where he is a seventh grader. From the age of 18 months, Kaivon has shown to have the gift of preaching. His first pretend sermon was witnessed by his grandmother Cecilia Williams in her home. He was preaching in front of the television, as he always did, and was clearly heard saying “God is good."

    During the pregnancy of his mother, Kimberly, she asked god to bless and use her baby to the glory and honor of god. Not knowing the real importance of her words at the time, god answered her prayer. Our speaker is a young, friendly and energetic boy.

    When he was much younger, he would go with his grandparents on their hospital visits and would be heard preaching to the staff.

    Kaivon loves to read and even though he is still learning, he plays the piano and the drums.

    Some of his favorite pastors are pastor Brent Waldon, sr., pastor T.A. Mcnealy, pastor Carlton Byrd, JR., and pastor Lucious Hall. When he grows up, he wants to become a pastor, a police officer, or a meteorologist, or all three.

    Kaivon is a sought after young preacher for god. He has preached for children’s day at Mount Olivet, New Hope, Hermon French, and Deerfield S.D.A. churches. Kaivon was also given the honor to speak at the South Florida usher’s Federation in Florida City, Florida in 2015 and to present the call to worship at SEC SDA church school rally in 2018. He was also a part of the youth federation in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2019. Kaivon also has acting abilities, and has acted in plays at Mount livet, and new hope church.