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My Testimony Episode 2: Rick & Denise Mathis

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Rick & Denise Mathis are Collin & Dawn's guest for Episode 2 of My Testimony. They share their personal testimony entitled "Church Hurt".

In this episode they tackle these difficult issues:

• How do you react when you're hurt by fellow church members?
• When you're in the bottom of the spiritual valley, how can you find the strength to continue?
• Is God using the pain to cause spiritual growth?
• What do you do when you don't feel like going to church anymore? • Can you forget about the pain?
• Can you forgive those who've wronged you? • How can you become close to people and become vulnerable again after you've been hurt? • How can "church hurts" increase your capacity for ministry and spiritual growth? • Why do struggles come through our children?

We also find out why Rick gave Collin the nickname C-Note.

My Testimony give you a peek inside how God is changing Plantation SDA Church's members lives. Each episode is packed with Biblical truth and arms you with tools to enable you to witness. You'll learn more about God's love, mercy and power. You'll see how God has answered prayers, provided help in times of great need. Members also share how it's possible to increase your faith in God and why you'll want to spend eternity with God.

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  • Collin Williams

  • Dawn Williams

    I am inspired to teach and create events geared towards showing the children Jesus. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and parents who not only encourage but creatively minister to the children.

  • Rick & Denise Mathis

    Rick and Denise Mathis were married Sunday, November 28th, 1976, in Miami. After being married for two years, we started our family. First came Shavonne, then Steven, Corey, Chanell and finally Kalima. All of our children are adults now and started their own family or still in the process of
    starting a family. We enjoy spending time with our grandchildren, Kiyah being the oldest, then Kyle, Camauri, Jaiannah, Cameron and Skylar. Even though they were born, raised, educated and worked in Miami,Florida,they recently relocated to Huntsville, AL November of 2017.

    We both are retired from Corporate America, Rick from Jackson Memorial after 32 years and Denise, retired from Ryder System, Inc after 26 years. Now we are experiencing walking in God’s purpose which is providing couples with the tools that will better prepare them for marriage and family life through the Blueprint for Marriage created by God

    Even though we worked in the Corporate arena for over fifty years together, God has given us a gift and a passion for the health and welfare of couples and families. We decided to become Registered /Certified Premarital Counseling Source Providers for the Dade and Broward County areas and also along with our marriage experience, we became Certified Marriage Mentors and official notaries in the State of Florida, allowing us the privilege of joining couples in matrimony. We’ve been involved in Family Ministry for over 25 years, where we’ve served as Family Life Directors and held other various leadership positions.

    T.E.A.M.Mathis, LLCis our brand and the acronymsstand for The Education of A Marriage. We have several years of knowledge and experience in teaching couples and families to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, manage family finances and parenting. Along with the development of the G.L.A.D. About Marriage Series which acronyms stand for Giving Love and Dedication, we conduct workshops, retreats and seminars at various churches in the area. The G.L.A.D. About Marriage Series is a four-week series that ministers to registered couples. We also like to help couples understand the difference as to how male & female’s approach to intimacy is different and how to use these differences to create a loving environment.

    We are repeat presenters at the Annual Pure Reality Retreat held annually for teens, young adults and recently, married couples. We’ve been featured guests on WSRF 1580 AM, a radio talk show. During our tenure of working in the South Florida area, they've established a client base which include clients from San Antonio, Texas, Houston, Texas and Atlanta, GA, and their services has reached an international level, working with couples in the Virgin Islands, Guyana, Panama, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Jamaica and Haiti.

    One of our many goals is to help couples understand there is true happiness in marriage by following God’blueprint from God. Their hobbies are spending time with each other,family, traveling, dining out, walking and swimming.