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Women of Destiny Episode 4: "Bathsheba: Soul Shattering Silence" (Complete Service)

by Jennifer Hernandez | November 23, 2019

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Theme: When people of authority wield their power and exploit the vulnerable - how does one find healing after experiencing abuse? When your soul is shattered, will you ever become whole? Is Jesus there in the silence?

Title: Women of Destiny Part 4, Bathsheba: Soul Shattering Silence

Speaker: Pastor Jennifer Hernandez

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/PSA.147.3.esv

Notes: http://bible.com/events/5933128

Date: 11/23/19

Tags: #psdatv #WomenOfDestiny #Bathsheba ##authority #power #exploit #exploitation #vulenerable #vulnerability #heal #healing #abuse #soul #crush #shatter #recover #recovery

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Welcome & Announcements: Serena Anderson

Children’s Story: Allison Peart

Pastor's Corner: Pastor Jennifer Hernandez

Ministry in Action: Men's Ministry

Offering Call: Addy Lubin

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Intercessory Prayer: Jonathan Williams

Sermon: Pastor Jennifer Hernandez

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Dedication in Song: Congregation

Benediction: Pastor Jennifer Hernandez

Afterglow: Praise Team & Congregation

Praise Leaders Subrina Callwood Ahkeem Darden

Alto Heather Raymond Nisha Laroche Vanessa Anderson Beatrice Jean Francois Bryanna Callwood Carina Edwards Jennifer Dolce Johanna Joseph

Soprano Maula Dunkley Ashley Gordon Emmanuelle J. Dolcé Tatiana Petrus

Tenor Andrew-Craig Nugent Brendon Hernandez Michael Nicolas Rhoneil Williams Richard Dolce Vladimir LaRoche

Visual Arts/ProPresenter Lawrence Sinclair

Sanctuary Sound Engineer Melcardo Blackwood

Live Stream Sound Engineer Etzer Dolce

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar Jairus Jones

Drums Joshua Callwood

Keys Claude Dolce

Piano Diondre Albury

Coordinator Addy Lubin

Songs In Today's Service • When We All Get To Heaven • Free Indeed • Power in the Blood • Who You Say I Am • No Bondage • No Longer Slaves • As We Come to You In Prayer (Now Dear Lord as We Pray) • Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow • Healer

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  • Jennifer Hernandez

    Jennifer Hernandez was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Her love for sharing Jesus began when she dedicated her voice to Him, as a child by singing throughout the islands; preaching began during high school. Motivated to answer God’s call on her life, Jen moved her family to England, where she obtained her BS in Behavioral Sciences at Newbold College. Together with her husband, Armando, and their five boys, God has taken them on a journey of faith, with opportunities to share His love throughout Europe and the United States. She enjoys being actively involved in children’s ministries, women’s ministries, and worship ministries. Jennifer recently graduated with her Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary and is excited to now be serving as an Associate Pastor at Plantation Seventh-day Adventist Church.