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Jesus at the Center

November, 15, 2018 Service: Jesus at the Center Episode 6 "The Promise of the Spirit"

by Juan Cubero | November 15, 2018

Jesus at the Center Episode 6

Jesus at the Center: A Multi-cultural Gospel Celebration

Title: The Promise of the Spirit

Speaker: Pastor Juan Cubero

Theme: Spiritual Gifts.

Text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/ROM.12.6-7.cev

Notes: http://bible.com/events/509681

Tags: #jatc #psdatv

Moderator: Ahkeem Darden


Pastor Alvin Payne Pastor Jennifer Hernandez Pastor Joseph Salajan Gabrielle Eubanks

Questions you asked the panel

Do you have a personal experience or time when your spiritual gift was used, if so what gift was it and how was it used?

Knowing that in the last days satan will do many miracles by posing as God to deceive people, how can we discern between true miracle and the deceitful one?

How do you know for sure what gifts we truly have?

How do you tell from the outside the difference between a gift and a talent/passion?

How can we discern between the voice of God and our own sinful gut feeling?

Why do some people have only one spiritual gift while others have several gifts?

Please explain the gift of speaking in tongues and the translation of it?

How can we find out what our spiritual gifts are and can we possess all of them?

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  • Juan Cubero

    Pr. Juan is International evangelist and the associate speaker in Spanish/English for Holy Spirit Ministries throughout North and South America. He is the present chaplain at Grater Adventist Academy in Miami FL. He is the author of the book called Transform by the Spirit and he has also appeared in tv programs such has the 700 club, and conducted different weeks of evangelism with Three ABN and Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, and has appeared in different radio stations around the world. He is married for 17 years with Alexandra Martinez.