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November, 13, 2018 Panel: Jesus at the Center Episode 4 "The Day of the Lord Will Come!"

by Paul Anderson | November 13, 2018

Panel Discussion for Jesus at the Center Episode 4

Jesus at the Center: A Multi-cultural Gospel Celebration

Title: The Day of the Lord Will Come!

Speaker: Pastor Marco Valenca

Theme: Second Coming.

Text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/2PE.3.10.nasb

Notes: http://bible.com/events/509679

Tags: #jatc #psdatv

RoundTable Participants and Questions

Host: Pastor Paul Anderson

Panelists: Pastor Marco Valenca Elder Mozart Porcena Pastor Joseph Salajan Danielle Allen

Do you think Global warming is God preparing the Earth for the end times?

How can the church do a better job in helping the youth prepare for the second coming?

Why do people believe in the secret rapture?

How do we know if we are prepared for the coming of Christ?

What impact would you say the message of resurrection has in youth? Also do you believe that the church is being intentional about tailoring teachings to appeal to young?

What is your advice on how to sell the concept of "Jesus' second coming" to an unbeliever who is questioning even the existence of God

If we need to believe in the second coming of Jesus in order to get to heaven, what does that mean for the Jewish community who don't believe that Jesus is the son of God?

The scriptures said the joy of the Lord is our strengthen, why are we so weak, tired and sad?

We have all heard about the rapture. The scripture says He will come as a thief in the night and other parts say that all eyes shall behold him. What is your take?

Pastor stated that people are hoping for things to get better (the world). He stated it's going to get worse (according to the Bible). My question is, what if the gospel reaches everyone and everyone took heed?

Do you believe that the same conditions that preceded the great flood of Noah would be the same as those preceding the coming of Christ?

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  • Paul Anderson

    Pastor Paul Anderson is the president of the Northern Caribbean University Alumni Association Chapter of South Florida now for 4 years. He has served in ministry for over 12 years and His tenure has covered Pastoral and Educational leadership roles. His academic background is in Theology, Education and counseling and is currently spending time in the classroom to educate young scholars.

    He is married to Linnie Anderson with a little gem named Annnalise and they are both leading the Family Life Department at Plantation SDA. They enjoy mentoring young people to finish the work of building up God's Kingdom.