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Jesus at the Center

November, 14, 2018 Message: Jesus at the Center Episode 5 "Life After Life? Hope Beyond The Grave"

by Theo Roberts | November 14, 2018

Jesus at the Center Episode 5

Jesus at the Center: A Multi-cultural Gospel Celebration

Title: Life After Life? Hope Beyond The Grave

Speaker: Pastor Theo Roberts

Theme: Resurrection.

Text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/GEN.2.7.nasb

Notes: http://bible.com/events/509680

Tags: #jatc #psdatv

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  • Theo Roberts

    Theophilus Lionel Roberts is a native of the beautiful oil rich country of Trinidad and Tobago. He was born to Seventh-day Adventist parents who were very strict during his younger years having him participate in church activities at a very tender age.

    Theo, as he is affectionately called, began to conduct Vespers as a youth and also Prayer Meetings occasionally. After being elected as Personal Ministries Director, he began to demonstrate his love for evangelism, and in 1984 his then Pastor recommended that he go to West Indies college in Jamaica to do the Evangelism course in the Theology program. On his return to Trinidad he was immediately thrust under a tent to preach in his first district crusade. After failing to capture the attention of the crowd for the first few nights, he was summoned to his knees in all night prayer. God blessed his effort with a baptism of 25 precious souls. Recognizing his potential, the Conference utilized him every year thereafter to lead hundreds of souls to Christ. He was also requested to conduct Week of Prayers and Revivals in many parts of the island.

    Theo is a product of Christian education from kindergarten to College. He also obtained degrees in Architecture and Engineering along the way, but ministry was always close in his vision.

    After migrating to the USA he was elected to the board of Elders at the Ephesus SDA Church, conducted one crusade, and also received training as a Lay Pastor. However, he soon became restless by his limited involvement in evangelism, and after some consultation with the pastor and elders, he along with 12 friends planted the Palm Springs church in West Palm Beach. During this time after noticing his skills, many of his friends encouraged him to pursue a degree in Theology, a thought he struggled with for a while, but eventually he made his decision to further his education while using his abilities as a Lay Pastor with the Florida Conference. His hard work paid off when he was employed as a full time pastor with the Conference, and presently serves as the senior pastor at the Norland SDA church.

    He is married to the former Sharon Sargeant for the past 36 years who has been a faithful supporter of their ministry. He is a father, grandfather, a brother and a friend to many.

    Theo gives all his credit to God Almighty for all his achievements and wants to continue following in the footsteps of Jesus as he ministers for the saving of souls.