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The Bible Unmasked Season 1 Episode 21: 2 Chronicles 32 to Nehemiah 7

by Dexter Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas | May 23, 2021

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In episode 21 of the Bible Unmasked, Pastor Dexter and Elizabeth Thomas discuss 2 Chronicles 32 to Nehemiah 7. These chapters take us through the Babylonian captivity and the rebuilding of the wall and temple.

Date: May 23, 2021

Questions in this episode:

Why did some of the kings follow their fathers’ footsteps, but others did not? What can parents do to keep their children on the right path?

King Josiah did not know about God’s law until Hilkiah discovered it. Will God judge us and hold us accountable for what we don’t know or only for what we know?

Did God use King Cyrus although he was pagan?

They were disqualified from serving as priests merely because their names weren’t in the genealogical records. What if their hearts were in the right place? Can we be disqualified from serving in God’s church because of where we’re from or we’ve done in the past?

Here, the king was gracious to the Israelites out of fear. Does it matter if we only obey God’s commands out of fear?

This chapter of the book of Ezra is written in the first person. But the first part of the book of Ezra is written in the third person. Why? Do they have different authors?

Is this another reminder that we should not be unequally yoked? Can we marry outside of the Seventh-day Adventist faith as long as we marry other Christians since all Christians believe in the same God?

My husband is not Seventh-day Adventist. I married him against God’s will, and we have a bad marriage. It’s hell. Does this verse suggest that I should divorce him?

Is it okay to seek revenge and ask for calamity upon our enemies?

Did Nehemiah keep his word and later go back?

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