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The Bible Unmasked Season 1 Episode 17: 2 Kings 1 - 18

by Dexter Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas | April 25, 2021

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In Episode 17 of the Bible Unmasked, Elizabeth and Pastor Dexter Thomas discuss 2 Kings 1 to 18. These chapters recount Elijah’s ascension to heaven and Elisha’s prophetic ministry.

Date: April 25, 2021

Questions in this episode:

Can you please explain this passage? What does it mean for someone’s spirit to rest on another one?

Elisha was mocked by children. Wasn’t it too harsh for him to kill them? Shouldn’t we be tolerant and merciful of those who may make fun of us, including children?

Can we speak to God directly or must we speak with him through a prophet or other third party?

What’s the significance of the playing of the harp? Is it relevant?

Are there “holy men [and women] of God with extraordinary powers among us? Please explain this verse and its relevance?

There are many mentions in the Bible of things that are still there “to this day.” This suggests that the Bible describes events that occurred long before it was written. If the Bible does not provide a contemporaneous documentation of events, how do we know that it is accurate?

How should we treat people from other religions who worship other gods?   Tags: #psdatv #BibleUnmasked #Sins #Baal #David #throne #Worship #Fire #forgiveness #heaven #Elijah #Elisha #contrite #mocked #prophets #evil #kings #translated

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