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The Bible Unmasked Season 1 Episode 14: 1 Samuel 19 - 2 Samuel 11

by Linnie Anderson, Paul Anderson | April 4, 2021

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In episode 14 of the Bible Unmasked, Pastor Paul and Linnie Anderson discuss 1 Samuel 19 to 2 Samuel 11. These chapters portray the regression of Saul, the progression of David to prominence, and the conflict between the two men.

Date: April 4, 2021

Questions in this episode:

Why would God send a distressing spirit to someone to torment someone? Can God use non-Christians as prophets? Does God ever approve lying? Should we be abstinent to partake of the Lord’s communion? Should we respect our pastors and elders, even when they stray away from God, because they are anointed? Can a wife to take action without the knowledge of her husband? Is polygamy approved by the Bible? Why did David kill innocent people? Is there something wrong with us when we don’t receive dreams from God? Can the dead come back and speak to us? Should we cremate our dead? Why did God kill Uzzah? Is being childless or infertile a punishment? Does God approve dancing? Shouldn't God have removed David from kingship because of sexual abuse? Is sexual sin the church’s greatest struggle?

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  • Linnie Anderson

  • Paul Anderson

    Pastor Paul Anderson is the president of the Northern Caribbean University Alumni Association Chapter of South Florida now for 4 years. He has served in ministry for over 12 years and His tenure has covered Pastoral and Educational leadership roles. His academic background is in Theology, Education and counseling and is currently spending time in the classroom to educate young scholars.

    He is married to Linnie Anderson with a little gem named Annnalise and they are both leading the Family Life Department at Plantation SDA. They enjoy mentoring young people to finish the work of building up God's Kingdom.