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My Testimony Episode 4 Promo: Terri & Albert

by Collin Williams, Dawn Williams | May 28, 2020

Join us Friday for Terri & Albert's unbelievable testimony of how the church united in prayer helped them get through the bleak times of Albert's liver failure. My Testimony Episode 4: Terri & Albert premieres this Friday, May 29 at 7PM EST.

Visit the link below and set your reminder now so you'll be there for the premiere. This will be another must watch Episode.


My Testimony give you a peek inside how God is changing Plantation SDA Church's members lives. Each episode is packed with Biblical truth and arms you with tools to enable you to witness. You'll learn more about God's love, mercy and power. You'll see how God has answered prayers, provided help in times of great need. Members also share how it's possible to increase your faith in God and why you'll want to spend eternity with God.

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