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David Pires

Pastor David Pires and his wife, Fanny Pires are both Brazilian. They have been married for 29 years. Together they have two children: Monique and William. Both of them were born in New York City. David was a pastor in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and now in Florida. He was a pastor for over 10 years in Orlando and now has been in the Deerfield and West Palm Beach Brazilian Churches for over 3 years. His wife, Fanny, works at the Neurology Department at Delray Medical Center, in Delray Beach.
David studied Theology at Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts, and then earned a Master's degree from Andrews University, Michigan. He likes preaching, administration, soccer, and hang out with people. His wife likes singing, to talk to other women in the church, and to get involved in the children’s department.
The family considers itself privileged for the opportunity to serve God's church.