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Jesus at the Center of Our Families Episode 4: The Needs of a Man Panel

by Lloyd Allen | October 20, 2023

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Jesus at the Center Episode 4

Title: The Needs of a Man

Theme: Recognizing and addressing the emotional and relational needs of men.

Tonight's Panel

• Pastor Paul Anderson • Linnie Anderson • Maryse Desir • Pastor Lloyd Allen

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  • Lloyd Allen

    Founder & CEO of Fixing Marriages Academy, Inc.

    Trained Marriage & Family Therapist​; Barry university (Honors)

    Trained Clinical Mental Health Counselor​; Barry University (Honors)

    Theologian; Northern Caribbean University (Jamaica) & UNADECA (Costa Rica)

    27 years counseling couples and families in and out of the USA​

    Author: Book on Love, Sex and Relationships​

    E-book: Finding Love & Keeping it- Over 200 tips to ignite and maintain the flame of love in your relationship