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Garlic and Ginger to the Rescue

by Linden deCarmo | June 21, 2019

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Theme: They may not look or smell pretty but Garlic & Ginger are your best friends when you're sick.

Title: Garlic and Ginger to the Rescue

Speaker: Linden deCarmo Date: June 21, 2019

Garlic made an appearance earlier this week in the Nature's Flu Shot episode

Garlic uses

* Nature's flu shot (Monday).  Garlic is the anti-viral element in the flu shot
* Garlic contains powerful anti-oxidants (Allicin, vitamin C, zinc & selenium)
* Suck on garlic when you first feel cold symptoms (got this from Dawn)
* If you don't have the courage for that, chew, masticate and then swallow the garlic

Ginger Uses * Ginger Tea: upset stomach * Ginger Tea: Gas

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