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Charcoal: The Cure No One Wants You To Know About

by Linden deCarmo | June 19, 2019

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Theme: Charcoal is an amazing and inexpensive natural remedy for gas, bloating and upset stomachs.

Title: Charcoal: The Cure No One Wants You To Know About

Speaker: Linden deCarmo

Date: June 22, 2019

Charcoal is used by hospitals for drug overdoses. Why? Absorbs the drugs that aren't supposed to be there, leaves everything else alone

What are its uses? * Gas & Bloating. Better and faster than GasX etc. * Upset stomach. Better than tums, rolaids etc. * Wards off colds (sore throats)

Why don't doctors and drug companies promote it? * Its cheap! * It doesn't have side effects! * But there's no profit to be made

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  • Linden deCarmo

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