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Jesus at the Center of My Family Episode 7 Panel on Spirituality

by Sung Um | October 16, 2020

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Theme: Jesus @ the Center of My Family

Title: Jesus at the Center of My Family Episode 7: Spirituality

Speaker: Sung & Jewel Um

Host: Jennifer Hernandez

Panel: Daniel Desir Barbara Samuels

Date: October 16, 2020

Tags: #psdatv #jatc #Jesus #spirtuality #family

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  • Sung Um

    My educational background includes a Master of Divinity in pastoral ministry from the Theological Seminary of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan and a Ph.D. in ‘Marriage and Family Studies’ from the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. The title of my Doctoral Thesis was: Relationship Between Cultural Values and Patterns of Marital Commitment (2003). I also have a B.A. degree in theology from SamYook University in Seoul, South Korea.
    My educational training and rich pastoral ministries, as well as pastoral counseling experience in the bi-cultural and multi-cultural context over the past 30 years, have given me unique integrative views and approaches that are Biblically based, yet psychologically relevant in dealing with all aspects of life’s challenges. I rigorously integrate psychological concepts and languages to better explain the healthy precepts of the Bible, which are the essence of the Gospel, in ways that 21st century minds can grasp and apply in our day-to-day living. The overriding aims of my pastoral ministry and pastoral counseling, together with seminars and workshops, are intended for healing and restoration of individuals, which will naturally result in an intentional and committed life of servant-leadership as ‘wounded healers,’ for marriages, families, the community, and more.
    Beyond my 25 years of pastoral ministry in the context of immigrant churches in the U.S. as youth pastor, church-planting pastor, as well as senior pastor of English-based churches, my wife and I have been richly blessed to share our passion for marriage and family ministries for couples, singles, youth and all ages from many parts of the world.
    In the past 30 years, through God’s grace, we have conducted more than 500 seminars, over 100 weddings, and empowered, literally, thousands of couples and individuals through pastoral counseling to find breakthroughs in a place of breakdown. These countless brave souls have taught, shaped, and inspired us the most in respect to the human spirit, God’s Holy Spirit, and the hope that is readily available in Christ no matter how devastating the brokenness may have been.
    I am happily married to my wife, life-partner, and soul-mate, Jewel Um (R.N.), for 33 years and we have three grown children: Crystal, Michael, and Katherine. Currently, I am Senior pastor of Living Word Fellowship and the Chicaming Church in Michigan, as well as Director of Advent Discipleship Center in Berrien Springs, Michigan.
    My wife and I also lead a non-profit ministry called ‘Family-Building Ministry’ which is now based in Berrien Springs, Michigan since August 2015.