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My Testimony Season 2 Finale Episode 26: Dr. Eric Walsh

by Collin Williams, Dawn Williams, Eric Walsh | January 8, 2021

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Dr. Eric Walsh is Collin and Dawn's guest on the Season 2 Finale of My Testimony. In this episode, he shares his ‘Joseph & Job’ experience with us.

My Testimony gives an insight of God’s love and how He changes lives. Each episode embraces biblical truth and encourages us to serve Him. You will hear about God’s love, mercy, power answered prayers and God’s help in times of great need. Our guests share how it is possible to increase your faith in God and stay connected to Him.

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  • Collin Williams

  • Dawn Williams

    I am inspired to teach and create events geared towards showing the children Jesus. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and parents who not only encourage but creatively minister to the children.

  • Eric Walsh

    Eric Walsh is the former director of public health and health officer for the city of Pasadena, California. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, he attended Oakwood University as an undergraduate and has received two doctoral degrees, one in medicine from the University of Miami and one in public health from Loma Linda University. He is also the associate pastor at the Altadena Seventh-day Adventist Church in Altadena, California. He is married and has three children.