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Deeper Dive Episode 28: Media Ministry Summit 2019

by Dawn Williams, Justin Khoe | October 27, 2019

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Deeper Dive Theme: Dawn, Justin, Kaleb and Jasper discuss why they are digital missionaries.

Episode Title: Media Ministry Summit 2019

Host: JWald & Dawn Williams

Guest: Justin Khoe, Jasper Ivan Iturriaga & Kaleb Eisele

Date: October 27, 2019

Dawn's Questions to Pastor Jasper:

Why are you a digital nomad? How has the lineage series impacted you? Is the church ready to use the internet for evangelism?

Dawn's Questions to Justin:

How can you measure success in digital evangelism? What's your next show and when will it debut? What are the challenges dialoguing with non-believers? How do you define digital evangelism? What is the difference between digital evangelism and a digitial missionary? What is non-church centric digital evangelism mean?

Dawn's Questions to Kaleb:

What is the humans of Adventism and how has it impacted you? What is appropriate for creative content?

Audience Questions to the Panel

What role does social justice have on the digital platform? If you were the administrator of a conference or union, what would be your game plan to reach your members with digital media? If you audience was full of pastors, what would be the message you'd give them on how to do 21st Century evangelism?

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  • Dawn Williams

    I am inspired to teach and create events geared towards showing the children Jesus. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and parents who not only encourage but creatively minister to the children.

  • Justin Khoe

    Justin Khoe is a professional Youtuber, podcaster and church consultant creating content for the spiritually curious. He is constantly bringing together people from diverse ideologies, religions, and politics, challenging them to consider their established beliefs by exploring them side-by-side. Justin couples the power of interpersonal relationships with modern communication tools to create relevant, personal content for those seeking God in today’s society.