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Deeper Dive Episode 18: It Takes More Than One

by Dawn Williams, Freddy Rodriguez | September 4, 2019

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Deeper Dive Theme: Dawn & Pastor Freddy discuss making the most of the opportunities God has granted us to impact the world

Episode Title: It Takes More Than One

Host: Dawn Williams

Guest: Pastor Freddy Rodriguez

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/ACT.2.42.esv

Notes: https://www.bible.com/events/679526

Date: August 28, 2019

Dawn's Deeper Dive Questions to Pastor Freddy:

Why do you have a passion for youth? How many triathlons have you done? How long does it take to train for a triathlon? When was the first time you had cocoa bread? Why did you put chairs on the platform at the start of your sermon? Why do young people tend to be the first people to volunteer? What is a Biblical oriented sleeper and how did you come up with that? Who is the generation that has fallen asleep in the church? Describe what happened on the day of your life changing accident What did you learn from the accident? Why does God allow suffering? Why did God give you a second chance? Is the gospel more than Jesus death & resurrection? What's the title of your next book? What did you think when you had the dream of being in the hospital? Why do temptation and tribulations come after blessings? What do you do in your small groups? Can programs change or transform lives? If not, why not? How does our attitude affect what we get out of church? How does talking about your challenges help you overcome them? Is it messy in a small group where people are open and honest? How do we overcome the fear that some have that small groups aren't structured enough?

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  • Dawn Williams

    I am inspired to teach and create events geared towards showing the children Jesus. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and parents who not only encourage but creatively minister to the children.

  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Pastor Freddy Rodriguez was born in Cali, Colombia in a pastoral Family.

    When he was 3 years old his family moved to Mexico where his Father served as Youth Pastor of the Montemorelos University. Inspired by his parents’ ministry, he accepted God’s calling into ministry at the end of his Junior year in High School. He has served in Florida Conference as Associate/ Youth Pastor, GMAA Chaplain and currently serves as Associate Youth Director.
    His purpose in life is to connect his family and others to Christ, Community and Church.

    He married Ruby Corniel and they have two sons:
    Eduardo and Alejandro.

    He enjoys biking and triathlons. Pastor Freddy also enjoys outdoor activities and dining with family and friends. He hopes to share a meal with all of them at Jesus’ table one day in heaven.