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Deeper Dive Episode 17: How is Your Customer Service?

by Dawn Williams, Joseph Walden, Lloyd Allen | August 25, 2019

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Deeper Dive Theme: J Wald, Dawn & Pastor Allen discuss customer service in the marriage relationship

Episode Title: How is Your Customer Service?

Host: Joseph Walden (aka J Wald)

Guest: Pastor Lloyd Allen

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/PHP.2.1-11.esv

Notes: https://www.bible.com/events/675550

Date: August 28, 2019

Joe's Deeper Dive Questions to Dawn How was Oshkosh?

Joe's Deeper Dive Questions to Pastor Allen:

How do you love people w/words? What is the secret to a great church? Why does a strong family make a strong church? Why did you title your sermon "How is Your Customer Service?" What is customer service and how does it related to the Christian? What does cherish mean and how do words matter? What should customer service be like for the single Christian? How does Christ transform our lives? Why is marriage an irrevocable decision to unite with an imperfect person? Why do people give up on marriages so quickly? Why is character the most important thing to look for in a mate? What would be your advice to a husband who has problems compromising? What role does ego play in a marriage? How do you repair a broken marriage? What happens if the other partner is not trying to help repair the broken marriage? Is there hope? What happens when each partner has a different cultural background?
Can cultural background impact communication? What is the most unusual thing you've heard when counseling a couple? What do you say marriage is about service? Why are our attitudes and words important in the health of the family and the marriage? Why is hard to say I'm sorry? Why do men bottle up emotions?

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  • Dawn Williams

    I am inspired to teach and create events geared towards showing the children Jesus. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teachers and parents who not only encourage but creatively minister to the children.

  • Joseph Walden

  • Lloyd Allen

    Founder & CEO of Fixing Marriages Academy, Inc.

    Trained Marriage & Family Therapist​; Barry university (Honors)

    Trained Clinical Mental Health Counselor​; Barry University (Honors)

    Theologian; Northern Caribbean University (Jamaica) & UNADECA (Costa Rica)

    27 years counseling couples and families in and out of the USA​

    Author: Book on Love, Sex and Relationships​

    E-book: Finding Love & Keeping it- Over 200 tips to ignite and maintain the flame of love in your relationship