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November, 12, 2018 Round Table: Jesus at the Center Episode 3 "He’s Coming to Get You!"

by Dion Walden | November 12, 2018

Jesus at the Center Episode 3

Jesus at the Center: A Multi-cultural Gospel Celebration

Title: He’s Coming to Get You!

Speaker: Pastor Guibert Etienne

Theme: Satanic Conflict.

Text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/REV.12.10-12.nasb

Notes: http://bible.com/events/509678

Tags: #jatc #psdatv

Roundtable Discussion

Panelists: Joseph Salajan Chance Hernandez Andrew-Craig Nugent Guibert Etienne

Tonight's Questions:

Why is the Devil so insistent with controlling us when he knows he will lose?

How can you tell the difference between an attack from the devil and a trial sent to develop our character from God?

How do you see the devil working to distract young people from their salvation?

How does one know when they are battling a spiritual warfare and how can we overcome it when that's the persons weakest or lowest point?

Does the end times mean that we're going to be persecuted like in the holocaust?

Were Adam and Eve the beginning of humanity? if so, how did we come into existence if Eve only had 2 sons. Cain and Abel

How can we break generational curses that we are not even aware of? What were the reasons the devil was sent to earth?

Chance how can the church help young people to develop their spirituality to prepare them to be successful in their fight against Satan?

How can the church be on the offensive against Satan? What do people, especially new or young believers need to know or be equipped with?

Does Satan or his demons take possession of people Like in the Exorcist movie?

Should Christian teens worry about their salvation (as in force ourselves to become close to God) or should we just let it all run its course and just let it happen?

When I think of satanic conflicts I think of a person being possessed. How does a person know they are possessed?

What does it mean that Satan is the accuser?

What are unclean spirits?

How can your body be occupied by both the devil and the Lord?

Does the Adventist Church believe in exorcism?

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