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Leave Something Behind for A Divine Encounter (Complete Service)

by Ahkeem Darden | September 28, 2019

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Theme: There is a terrifying relationship that God has highlighted in both the old and New Testament between how we treat the poor and oppressed and our eternal destiny. His word is simple. If you don't pour yourself out to the poor, you don't have the love of God in you.

Title: Leave Something Behind for A Divine Encounter

Speaker: Elder Ahkeem Darden

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/LEV.23.22.esv

Notes: https://bible.com/events/696497

Date: September 28, 2019

Tags: #psdatv #poor #oppressed #treatment #love #God #brother #sister #encounter #help #need #share #support #give #time #homeless #HopeMinistry #salvation #destiny

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Welcome & Announcements: Mozart Porcena (First Service) Latoya Goodman (Second Service)

Children’s Story: Fabienne Desir

Pastor's Corner: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Ministry in Action: Hope Ministry - Jesse Guillaume

Offering Call: Courtney Rivas

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Intercessory Prayer: Michael Curzon

Sermon: Elder Ahkeem Darden

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Dedication in Song: Congregation

Benediction: Elder Ahkeem Darden

Afterglow: Praise Team & Congregation

Praise Leaders Dane Hurst

Alto Nisha Laroche Vanessa Anderson Wydnyr Richardson

Soprano Emmanuelle J. Dolcé Melissa Mangual Rhonda Vasconcellos

Tenor Richard Dolce Vladimir LaRoche

Visual Arts/ProPresenter Lawrence Sinclair

Sanctuary Sound Engineer Melcardo Blackwood

Live Stream Sound Engineer Jonathan Williams

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar Jairus Jones 

Drums Hans Alce

Keys Claude Dolce

Piano Kimani Campbell 

Coordinator Addy Lubin

Songs In Today's Service • The Presence Of The Lord Is Here • All Things Are Possible • He's Able • Made A Way • Do It Again • Great Is Thy Faithfulness • In Christ Alone (With The Solid Rock) / Medley

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  • Ahkeem Darden

    As the oldest of seven children, Ahkeem grew up in a family with a strong heritage and history in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His father served as a missionary across Africa, Europe and the Caribbean building churches before he passed away when Ahkeem was eleven. With a mother who served her family as a homemaker Ahkeem and his six siblings had a challenging upbringing. However, the children grew up to be very successful personally, professionally and spiritually.

    Transitioning into the workforce after his educational pursuits was the next phase of Ahkeem’s life journey. Ahkeem spent fifteen years working in corporate America as a marketing coordinator and direct mail manager before he transitioned to become a VP of sales and marketing. He is currently a marketing consultant to the some of the world’s largest organizations to validate, automate and optimize marketing efforts.

    Ahkeem was the first in his family to get a college education with degrees in International Business and Marketing. After his college career, Ahkeem went on to receive his Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration Marketing.

    Ahkeem is actively involved in his church community serving as an elder at Plantation SDA Church and the music ministry leader.

    Ahkeem travels locally and internationally ministering and singing for the glory of God, and for the edification of those who need an encouraging message from the Lord.