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Michael Cabana

Michael Cabana was Pastor of Plantation SDA Church from 1995 until 2010.


Quick Facts

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Event Title Date
Final Sermon Living the Ultimate Dream September 4, 2010
Farewelll   TBD



Year Series
2010 The Cross
2010 The Temple's Cross Pollination*
2009 Contrast Principles of M & Ms
2009 Our Pillars of Faith
2008 Worshipping Through the Crack and Crevices
2008 Seeing Life Through Grace Colored Glasses
2007 Oil Crisis
2007 Dairy King
2005 Seeing Life Through Grace Colored Glasses
2005 The Jonah in All of Us
2005 The Bread Rest Connection
2005 You Can Win for Losing
2004 Back to the Future
2004 Fortune 300
2004 Complete Foundation
2004 Open Heart, Open Arms
2004 Angels of Mercy

*Series not available online