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Raulford Baptiste

• Dr. Pastor Raulford Baptiste has been in active ministry for the past 36 years. He began ministry in St Vincent and the Grenadines, his native country where he served faithfully as district pastor for several years. He was then elected to serve as the Family Life Director, as well as Stewardship and Trust Services Director of the East Caribbean Conference of SDA, with headquarters in Barbados. He later joined our ministerial team in the FLORIDA CONFERENCE.
• Dr. Baptiste is a product of SDA Christian education. He studied at Northern Caribbean University (West Indies College) Southern Caribbean University (Caribbean Union College) Andrews University and Argosy University. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Pastoral and Community Counseling.
• Dr. Raulford Baptiste is married to the charming Neemintra of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for the past thirty five years. They are the proud parents of three adult children: Tricia, Tristan and Trevaughn. The children are currently out of state.

• Dr. Baptiste is currently the pastor of the SUNRISE SDA CHURCH, where his ministry is very fruitful and productive.
• Most importantly, Pastor Baptiste is a Christian who loves the LORD passionately. He is a people’s person! He brings to you a wealth of experience in the areas of Evangelism, Christian Stewardship, Family Life, Church Planting, and Church Building….