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The World's Biggest Problem is Jesus

by Ruben Joseph | September 28, 2019

Who is Jesus and why does He matter? Is He a myth? Is He the greatest teacher that ever lived? Is He just a man or is He our soon coming King?

Join us Oct 12-19 for Jesus at the Center, a multi-cultural celebration like non other as we explore Jesus and the GodHead.

Each night, we'll have

• Amazing Christ focused music • A speaker who has been PERSONALLY impacted by a Christ centered Bible doctrine and presenting from a UNIQUE cultural background • Round table discussion that answers YOUR questions about the topic

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For more information on Jesus at the Center, please visit us at http://jatc.plantationsda.tv.

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  • Ruben Joseph

    Pastor Ruben Joseph is a young Christian soldier who is on fire for the Lord. He is a graduate of Southern Adventist University (Magna Cum Laude) with a Bachelor in Theology and a minor in Biblical Languages. He is an international preacher, Bible Teacher, professional songwriter, singer, actor, author, screenwriter, host, Choir Director, and motivational speaker. His sole desire is to lift up the name of Jesus in his earthly life, and to live with Him in the next. He started singing at the age of 5, wrote his first song when he was 7, and he’s been writing and arranging since then.
    He is the author of “Why Are the Young People Leaving the Church?” a book published by Xlibris, that is well-received and changing lives right here in the community and around the world. The book is available in English now wherever books are sold and will be available in French in Spanish very soon. He is currently serving as the CEO of “LEAP OF FAITH ENTERTAINMENT,” a company dedicated to promote Christian talents in South Florida. From 2011-2014, he has served as President of FEJAH (The Haitian Youth Federation), for the South-Eastern Conference of Seventh - day Adventists, overseeing the youth of over 50 churches. He has preached in five different countries, on two continents—full evangelistic campaigns in the United States of America, Dominican Republic, and Bolivia; and preached in Jerusalem—Israel, and Haiti, his native country. He is currently serving as Senior Pastor of New Generation SDA Church of North Miami and North Miami Beach SDA Church.
    He is happily married to the Ph.D candidate Kedare (Kay-Dahr) Joseph BKA “Cookie.” But his greatest accomplishment is being the Father of his two precious and beautiful babygirls Belle and Ruby Joseph.
    His goal is to please the One—Jesus Christ His Savior and Redeemer, and bring as many people as possible into the Kingdom of God. He preaches the Word because “TIME IS SHORT, and HELL IS HOT!” He strives relentlessly to be a clean vessel that can be used by God, to transform the lives of others unto salvation, by teaching God’s truth in love. He is a NOBODY, who is only SOMEBODY through the One who can save ANYBODY…Yeshua, Jesus the Christ.” TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!