2017 Prayer Series (10 Sermons)

2017 Prayer Series (10 Sermons)


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Flash Drive Format. A series of 10 sermons by Pastor Joseph Salajan on the topic of Prayer.

April 22, 2017: Relax; It's Nothing but a Test! May 6, 2017: Let Me Tell You About You
May 20, 2017: This Rope Will Never Break
May 27, 2017: When Nothing Is Happening Something is Happening! June 3, 2017: Always Dare! I'm Always There...For You
June 17, 2017: It Is Your Right It Is Your Duty July 1, 2017: You Need It So Much that You Don't Need It at All July 15, 2017: Give Me a New View for a New Worldview!
July 29, 2017: Don't Stumble! Be Humble!
August 12, 2017: Pray Hard When It’s Hard! Pray Hardest When It’s Hardest!